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The current weather forecast made by DreiTageWetter

DreiTageWetter is a free online weather service, that provides a weather forecast for the next three days.

What we provide:

Further information

On our front page you can get your local weather by entering a place name or a postcode for any place in Germany. Alternatively you can also click on a city name in the map of Germany to get your latest weather forecast.

DreiTageWetter concentrates on a reliable three-day weather forecast for Germany respectively Central Europe regarding weather maps. Instead of offering longer predictions, that are of a much less reliability, we want to serve a preferably good forecast for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And this make sense as reliable weather forecasts, that hold for many days, cannot exist.

DreiTageWetter limits to pure weather forecasts. Weather products, that describe or measure the current weather situation as radar or satellite images are excluded. The menue item Weather links provides other weather services in addition to our internet presence.

To make its own forecast DreiTageWetter uses the American numerical weather prediction (NWP) model WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting Model). This model is state of the art and especially developed for precise regional predictions as for Germany or Central Europe. The focus of this model is not a long forecast but a preferably good forecast for the next three days. You will find further information about the WRF model on the developers' home page.

If you need further information and details concerning the weather forecast of DreiTageWetter please browse to the next page.


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